SLT Approved Corporate Company Application Form

Please note: If you would like you to become a member of SLT, please click here. This form is only for employers to apply to add their business to the list of corporate companies.

Complete in full the questions below to submit a request to sign your company up to the SLT Approved Corporate Company list and give your employees a discount on the most popular membership, the ONE Card.

You will receive a response within 10 working days.

Application checklist

  • The organisation must employ a minimum of 10 people
  • The application needs to be completed by a Senior Manager within the organisation, using an official company email and business address (personal email accounts and residential addresses will not be accepted)
  • Your employees must be able to show evidence of employment with your organisation (i.e. recent payslip / ID Badge)
  • You must be able to inform all employees within your organisation of this benefit. This also applies to those organisations who have more than one location/branch.


Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the approved corporate company to inform their employees of the discount, not SLT. SLT will provide the company with a poster which can be displayed, and add company name to the SLT website. Any additional support can be discussed and agreed as required. SLT will require a contact from within the approved organisation to keep you informed of changes, offers or promotions to the membership. It is the approved company's responsibility to inform SLT of any changes to this; failure to do so may result in the company being removed from the approved list. The company can request for removal at any time, which will be actioned within 10 working days. SLT has the right to change or amend the corporate membership at any time. New members will be required to produce evidence of employment with the approved corporate company, failure to do so will result in the membership being upgraded to the full price ONE Card. Existing members will be required to take in evidence of employment with the approved corporate company to the leisure centre to receive the discount; back payments will not be accepted so members are urged to do this as soon as possible.